Sound Engineering and Recording

Sound Engineering

Midi Madness recording studios Chichester - studio photoMidi Madness sound engineer’s have spent many years honing their production skills and have the knowledge and enthusiasm to help you realise your audio/music project. They will happily work with you to create your project from dance music to acoustic folk…

Our sound engineers will happily just produce for you if required or they can play a slightly more “hands on” production role if required to help you bring your vision to reality.

Audio Engineering is the art of recording, creating and mixing sounds together to create a finished project in the style of sound required. Our studio features some of the best hardware and software to aid in our sound engineering and make any project possible.


Midi Madness recording studios Chichester - studio photoMidi Madness Studios provides professional recording facilities for recording. Our in-house engineers will ensure the very best quality audio recordings using state of the art studio recording equipment and DAW software. We can record anything from a musical instrument to a vocal session and provide pre and post production techniques to help you achieve the perfect recording.

Getting a good audio source in the beginning is crucial for both the mixing and mastering processes. Ensuring the quality of your source audio is as optimised as possible helps create your finished music project to the professional standard.

Here at Midi Madness Studios we have a specially created “recording room” designed to help create the perfect recordings each and every time – there is nothing worse as an artist than performing a great take only to find the recordings are not up to scratch.

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